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New Construction Clean-up

A large concern for property managers and building owners is to keep the facility looking spotless, even in the midst of construction. Regardless of what’s happening within the building, if it looks messy and hazard, your clients’ impressions of your business can suffer.

Additionally, you’ll probably have to continue working in your space; the last thing you want is to  leave customers with a negative impression. Whether you need a team to stay up on the day-to-day removal of construction debris or the final detailing when the work is complete, iClean4U always prioritizes your company’s image and the overall appearance of your building.

iClean4U also recognizes that it’s vital to keep your building clean and healthy for the employees who will be working in the building during the remodel. Construction dust and debris can creep into the parts of the office that are still in use, regardless of the efforts your contractor makes to  keep the construction zone sealed off.

With that in mind, we’re willing to adjust our weekly cleaning schedule temporarily during construction to keep your employees working at full capacity. After years of experience, we've learned that in order to keep our clients’ buildings as clean as possible, it’s important that we stay flexible with our availability. If construction is taking place during the day, our crews are available after and before business hours to keep your facility looking its best during construction.

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